Jarkata Taxi Guide

When getting a taxi service in Jakarta one must be careful on getting the best service for the best price. While many may be on looking to get the budget taxi with the Tarif Bawah sticker on them, it would usually be best to get a taxi without one as these taxis can be known for fare hiking or meter cheating.

A good non-stickered fairly priced taxi is Blue Bird Taxi group, known for the sticker bearing the name, which charges Rp 6,000 for the first 200 meters of service and Rp 300 for each subsequent 100 meters. Tourists should look to pay 130 to 150 thousand RP for service from the airport to the city center using this kind of taxi. More stylish and luxury taxis, companies which use town cars and SUV’s, can be found at rates of Rp 7,500 first 200 meters and Rp 440 for each additional 100 meters. Tourists can expect a fare rate of about 220 to 250 thousand Rp for this service.

Tourists should be wary of taking any taxi which looks like it needs repair or not maintained well.

Jakarta Guide

Jakarta Airport, Soekarno Hatta International Airport located at Tangerang, Banten, which is 20 km (12 mi) to the northwest of the city center. Passengers for international flight transfer can opts to connect via Singapore or Kuala Lumpur as there are more than a dozen flights a day between these cities and Jakarta.

The Soekarno Hatta airport has three major terminals which are halls in the same building: Terminal 1 (A-B-C) : Domestic airlines except Air Asia, Mandala, Garuda. Terminal 2 : All international airlines except Air Asia (D-E); Domestic Garuda flights (F). Terminal 3 (Low Cost Carrier Terminal). The newest and nicest of the bunch, Pier 1 serves all Air Asia and all Mandala/Tiger Airways flights and other low cost carriers.

A free but unreliable yellow shuttle bus runs between the terminals; if you’re in a hurry, it’s a safer bet to take a taxi, although they may ask for a rather steep Rp 50,000 for the service, however it should really be a metered ride.

Baggage Porters

Stay cautious of baggage porters as the greater majority of them are committed scammers. It is best to avoid them and seek out a trolley for yourself. Their rate is Rp 20,000 to carry bags but they often attempt to obtain extra money by cheating and misleading passengers.


There are ATMs on the second (departure) floor in the international terminal. Exchange rates here in the airport centre as compared to that in town are not significantly worse and better than you will get from hotels. Departure taxes Do note that as of March 2009, when leaving Soekarno-Hatta Airport, you need to pay additional departure taxes of Rp 150,000 (US$14) for international flights and Rp 40,000 (US$4.00) for domestic flights, payable in cash only at the departure check in.

Getting into town

Airport transfers arranged by the hotels are the easiest option to get to the city. Getting a taxi is a little more tedious.

Booking a taxi from the counters here right outside Customs, you will get a nice car and get to jump to the head of the taxi queue. It costs around Rp 175,000 for a trip to the Golden Triangle.

Booking a taxi passed the custom, you will need to get to the ordinary taxi queue (depending on availability and traffic, taxis come in 15 min intervals) and risk haggling with taxi touts and baggage porters. Reliable taxi operators are such as Silver Bird, Blue Bird, and Ekspress taxi which having their own taxi rank spot in the terminal.

Silver Bird, a premium taxi company, is a decent operator with dependable drivers and luxurious Mercedes cabs, however, pricier than the rest at around Rp 120,000 to the Golden Triangle (City Center).

Blue Bird Taxi and Ekspress Taxi are the other two more reliable taxi service in Jakarta. It has smaller, air-conditioned Toyota Vios taxis, which would cost around Rp 90,000 to Central Jakarta/Golden Triangle. Other operators will charge you in the vicinity of Rp 70,000-90,000.


All taxis are required to use meters (argo). Visitors are warned to avoid the scam of taxi drivers who insist on not using meters and charging inflated fix price (borongan)

Roadway Tolls and docket system

Passengers have to pay roadway tolls. Prices are posted at the toll booths and a receipt is given. The airport has a docket system for payment of an airport surcharge in addition to the normal taxi metered charge. It is detailed on the docket and is determined by destination distance. Do tell the taxi staff clearly your destination when arriving at the taxi rank and they will issue the docket to you accordingly when you are assigned a taxi.

Uniform Taxi Staff

Usually, taxi staff are uniformed. You are advised to ignore those who offers you a taxi but are not wearing the same uniform as the taxi company drivers. There is a scam of setting up high minimum payment for short trips, in order for these “uniformed” taxi brokers to receive a kickback from the drivers for setting tourists up to overpay.